Crop knowledge is imparted in the provision of modules detailing management for each stage of growth development. Register with HortResearch SA to gain access to the crop management modules. Video and text presentations are provided.


Experience the benefits of growing mangoes or litchis utilising the small tree, intense growing system. As the trees remain small, no higher than 2 m high, management practices such as the removal of unwanted late flush can be carried out easily by hand.

Get to know how to grow avocado trees as hedgerows in an intense small tree system. Yield is greatly increased as is the ease of tree management.

Become familiar with effective spray programs for nutriment and disease and pest control for entire range of crops.

Detailed and site specific fertigation and fertilisation programs are provided. Data input such as soil infiltration rate, soil and leaf analysis results and variety are relied on for tailoring and specificity.

Ultra-high density litchi planting - learn when and how to prune, fertilise and irrigate.