Mango Varieties with All Their Rights for Sale

HortResearch SA selects new varieties and places them on the open market for sale with all their rights of sale and distribution.


“Sal-Belle” - a very high yielding fibreless mango to for direct sale, atchar production or nursery seed production. It is an excellent rootstock, imparting high yielding characteristics. It is a good eating variety, becoming deep red when ripe. It is highly tolerant of diseases.

“Jessica” - a variety later than “Keitt” and similar to “Keitt” in terms of tree growth habit and yield. Taste is more attractive. It is disease tolerant.

“Rose-Anne” - a deep crimson variety, mid-season, with and exquisite pungent taste. It is high yielding and disease tolerant.

Additional varieties of mango and new litchi varieties are being bred.